Assembly #1

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I sift through a lot of articles on a (more or less) weekly basis to find new and interesting technologies or methodologies. Here are some of the highlights.

  1. Octomments is a clever way to leverage GitHub issues as embedded comment threads (for a statically-generated blog, for example). It’s a work in progress, but something to consider for GitHub Pages hosted sites.
  2. The Web We Want “is a collective effort by browser makers to understand where the dev community would like us to invest our energy.” A good place to understand the pain points facing developers today, and perhaps share some of your own.
  3. Angular 9 is here! Fixes some complaints I’ve had with Angular’s TestBed (goodbye, ng-bullet, you’ve been a good friend).
  4. Build-specific URLs are one of the great ideas from Guillermo Rauch’s 2019 in Review that I’m cheerleading in our build process. (There are more - check out the whole list.)
  5. Wry Rules for Navigating a Flawed Universe. Software engineering is about more than writing code. The proverb is an elemental form of wisdom, and these are some good nuggets.
  6. A Complete Guide to Links and Buttons. A really thorough exploration, good for inspiration or reference. If you aren’t following CSS-Tricks already, add the blog to your feed reader!
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